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Buy latest festive themed jewellery designs online

18 Oct

Costume jewellery has now become popular at party circuits. Approximately the market for this type of jewellery is in hundreds and thousands of crores and will keep on increasing with the annual growth of 20 to 30 per cent. India is the second largest in manufacturing custom jewellery. Rise in the gold prices and the changes in the lifestyle are responsible for the growth of this market. There are a lot many designs for this category. We can find gold latest jewellery designs online and there are various types also like ornaments made by using  beads, swarovski, big stones, etc. The prices are comparable yet affordable to the latest gold mangalsutra designs, gold pendants, diamond rings, and latest designs of gold bangles. Costume jewellery is largely made up of brass, glass, cast iron, nickel, plastic beads and stones. But they do not have resale value.

latest jewellery designs

In today’s world, where salary is considered low and expenses are high, there is no spare money to buy Gold jewellery every now and then. People who have moderate income are shifting towards this category. Yet it is considered to be a major threat to the makers of gold jewellery. Jewelers are advised to come up with 14 carat Gold ornaments to avoid more people demanding for fashionable jewellery. Higher gold prices have worked in the favor of costume jewellery for the Indian women. Women from affluent families are embracing this trend readily. Women never hesitate to wear imitation jewellery because they have contemporary designs with a classic touch bringing together both the worlds and their fashion trends. and Fashion Jewellery Is Very Trendy in India.

Women wear these ornaments with expensive clothes while attending parties and weddings. The spectacular growth in costume jewellery has emerged as the threat to the gold trade. Women from rich class are ordering for it online. It has become a popular fashion and everybody wants to follow it. The costume jewellery designers are expecting big orders and great demand in the upcoming festive and wedding season. Its demand is more from northern and western India. Both working and college going girls now-a-days prefer light weight costume jewellery. They are made taking care of the youth mind set that is completely accessory conscious and also about the global fashion trends. It has become important to look fashionable rather than rich, the peer pressure and the need to fit in with your friends rather than looking ostentatious. All these are responsible for the high demand.